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Post  Radical_daydreamer on Sat Dec 27, 2008 11:41 am

Poking around on the internet and Looks like there will be a new games in the Bahamut series. Now SquareEnix does not deny or confirm if it is spiritual successor to the Super Famicom game Bahamut Lagoon. The main characters are Ibuki the male lead and Yui the female lead. The games design seems to use 2d sprites with a 3d environment, and is action-rpg based, and sited to be on the Nintendo DS. Since there is more info coming out about the story I will just give you the summary of what I read. The game is supposedly set in a city built on the back of a great beast known as the Gigant. The city is attacked and Ibuki and Yui the main characters must defend it. There are also rumors that its suppose to be four players, but I have not confirmed that atm, or if SquareEnix has plans of releasing the game here in the states.


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