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Post  Radical_daydreamer on Wed Dec 17, 2008 1:43 pm

Well, let me begin, I'm Radical Daydreamer, kinda my take on the group from Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers blah blah blah. I was raised on anime, softcore cable porn, and video games. Some say that made me crazy, maybe it did..... Anyways I started playing video games when I was 5 years old, and I have not stopped since. Probably the first Rpg I played was Final Fantasy 2 US or FF4 and Paladin's quest for the Super nintendo(although Sega will always be #1 to me cause Genesis was my first console, the sega's rpg collection just was not available to me when I was young). What really got me into Rpg's was the fantasy anime series Record of Lodoss wars, and Slayers which introduced me to a lot of the fantasy archetypes. I've gotten more into PC gaming than console gaming in the last 10 years, picking up one of the first MMORPG's I played was Runescape, then on to Conquest, and other Korean MMorpgs. I played Guild Wars religiously for awhile, then moved to World of Warcraft. And now i'm addicted to Warcrack, until another drug comes along.

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Post  Sanguinius_Kain on Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:14 pm

INTRO TIME......I got started in gaming (video) as long back as I could remeber. First game I had was Zelda on the NES (NOT A RPG DAMN IT) but short after I was shown the light in the form of Dragon Quest. I was hooked on the idea of story telling, fighting, leveling up my people, and the all time high of most RPGs and that is the grind. Running in circles to get those fights that give the best EXP and money, to buy that new armor or weapon (armor always first can't beat DEF). Fast forward and I get a SNES for xmas and with it FF4, Illustion of Gaia, and Secret of Mana. Those only pushed me more in to the dark pit of gaming and the even darker pit of RPG gaming. It has only got worst from there (I will be posting a list of my top 10 RPGs for PC and Systems).

On the flip side of things I have been PnP RPGing from the age of about 5. It started with my uncle Wes teaching me Magic The Gathering. Short after I found some copys of RPG books in a used book store. I picked those up with some dice from my uncle and got my buddys into it. It got bigger and bigger from there. Some of the get ones for me were Robotech, Mutant Chronicles, System Failure, and Warhammer. The level of ideas behind it is great. You can do what ever you want(even if your person can't do it them selfs). It is some of the best role playing but you have to have a good GM (game master) with a good story or you are just not going to have any fun.


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